Building an Organic Community Garden

Our service learning project directly correlates with social justice and equity. Our theme for the ITU is Human Impact on the Environment. For some, negative thoughts might come into mind such as deforestation and population.  However, humans can also have a positive impact on the environment. One of our service learning projects is to build an organic garden.

This ties in all of our subject together. In Social Science, students will be learning about the Dust Bowl and how farmers were not left with very much land to cultivate during this period in time. In Biology, students will be going the plants and produce we will be planting and how having diversity will help the garden thrive. In Math, students will make calculations on the supplies we will need and measurements for the garden. Lastly in PE, students will actually be working on the garden. Here, students will also learn about the difference between organic produce and non-organic produce as well as what families can do to maintain a nutritious diet with the produce they receive from the garden.

Building an organic garden address our theme because it correlates directly to how humans can impact the environment. However, there is also a social component that ties well with it. From we know, there are many families who do not really consume fresh vegetables and fruits due in large part to the cost. Organic produce can be expensive for those who do not have the means to pay for it. Families with low income levels do not generally think about what is the healthiest food they can buy with their money, they think what can they buy to get the most food for their money. Often, it is not very healthy food.