Whole Class Information

Number of Students: 38

Demographic Information:

Ethnicity: 85% Hispanic,  8% Caucasians, 3% African American, 4% Other  

Gender: 20 males and 18 females

Free and Reduced Lunch: 14 students

ELL/Bilingual: 21 students

IEP/504: 2 students

Gifted: 1 student

Developmental needs: ELL students are levels 3 and 4, most students have high school reading levels but two students have 7th grade reading levels

Interests: Students enjoy listening to music, playing sports, drawing, preforming arts, and participating in ROTC. 

Leaning Profiles: Most students are visual learners, there are a few auditory and kinesthetic learners. Many students identify with all three or a combination of styles.    

Affective Management Strategies: Assertive and Discipline Through Dignity approaches work best because students are clear on classroom expectations and a sense of belonging. 

Classroom Leaning Environment: Supportive leaning environment and promotion of student activity.   


  • Name: Elena
  • Level: ELL – Level 2
  • Student Information: Elena is a 15 year-old 10th grader and an English learner. She is from Mexico and both of her parents are professionals. Her extended family includes aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her grandparents live in Mexico and she and her family visit them in the summer. She has been in the United States for one and a half years. She is literate in Spanish and often reads Spanish literature. Her report cards from her school in Mexico indicate above average grades. Elena is somewhat shy socially but is well liked and works well in small groups. She is seldom absent from school. The CELDT results indicate overall score in the Early Intermediate range, and she has been identified as an English learner.

ELL Student  

  • Name: Allie
  • Level: ELL  Level 4
  • Student Information: This student is in 10th grade. This student is a very talented artist and she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up. This student is a visual learner so she needs a lot of information written down or charts for her to follow along. Her first language was Spanish and she comes from a very strong Mexican culture. This student also comes from a low SES family and receives free lunch.

IEP Student

  • Name: Alex
  • Student Information: Alex is a 15-year-old boy in the 10th grade. He had difficulty with the development of his early literacy skills, including the acquisition of sound/symbol relationships and word identification, demonstrated in both his reading and writing. In the second grade, Alex was identified as a student with specific learning disabilities. Since then, Alex has received special education support primarily in a resource room for language arts, while he is included in the general education curriculum. He is able to independently read text at a 7th grade level and continues to struggle with decoding words. Alex also has asthma for which he takes daily medication and occasionally needs to use an inhaler. He is a self-isolating person who does not readily join into whole-class conversations or contribute to group learning situations. His tendency is to sit alone at lunch and to be by himself during transitional time. There is no in-class support for this student.

IEP Student

This students suffers from moderate frustration problems and gets angry and acts out when he deems material to frustrating or not useful.

  • Name: Jacob
  • Level: IEP for frustration and anger problem as well as a 7th grade reading level
  • Student Information: Jacob is in the10th grade. He doesn't enjoy coming attending school but still attends regularly. He does not participate in many school activities, but does enjoys spending time with friends and listening to music. He comes from a lower middle class family where he lives with his father. He plans on joining the military or working construction upon graduation.

Gifted Student

  • Name: Lily
  • Student Information: Lily is a sophomore at Oceanside High School. She is on the soccer team and enjoys every minute of it. She is a straight A student. She is an active participant at Oceanside's community service club. She enjoys reaching out to her school and local community. She is a kinesthetic learner so she must be constantly doing something in the class either taking notes, building things and/or participating in class discussions. She is very close with her family and has close ties to her intermediate family, who are also living in the United States. Her family is in the lower-middle class SES and so she does not need free reduced lunches.

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