This unit was created in response to one of society's current issues. Humans are impacting the environment in a variety of ways; human expansion leading to loss of habitats, water pollution, air pollution, global warming, and ocean acidification. This unit allows adolescents to explore some of the ways humans are impacting the environment and discover what they can do to help. Students will learn how humans are affecting nutrient cycles in biology, the history of human impact during the industrial revolution, practice math skills while working with current data, and lean how these changes can affect their personal health. There are multiple opportunities for students to learn about changes they can make to help the environment and actually put them into action with service learning by creating a school wide recycling program or planing a community garden.    

        The theme for this interdisciplinary unit was selected because it is a current issue that students at Oceanside will be interested in. This unit will inspire student learning, engage students, promote community involvement, and help to promote social justice. By showing students how they can make an impact on the world around them, students will continue to push for change and improvement to their own communities and to the global environment. 

 Enduring Understandings

        This unit will help students realize how their actions affect the environment. It will give them the ability to evaluate data and describe the cause and effect of these changes to the local environment and the body.  Lastly, students will learn how they can make a difference. 

Essential Questions 

  1. How are humans impacting the environment?
  2. How can we test/calculate this?
  3. How is this impacted our local area? Globally and historically?
  4. How does this impact you? Your community? What can you do to help?

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