Unit Overview 

Student-Centered Activities 

Creation of school wide recycling program in cooperative learning groups, student jigsaws, 

Major Teaching Strategies & Co-Teaching Approaches 

The major teaching strategies will include cooperative leaning, direct instruction and parallel co-teaching.

Student Grouping 

Students will use a variety of student groupings depending on the class and the activity:

  • Biology - students will work in small cooperative learning groups to organize and implement recycling activity, jigsaw nutrient cycle assignment, and presentations. 
  • Math - heterogeneous triad for group presentations 
  • Physical Education - collaborative class work for garden project
  • Social Science - think-pair-share partners and cooperative leaning groups of four for research project 

Specific Resources Needed 

  • Instruction - Students will need computer and internet access, art supplies and poster paper
  • Recycle Project - school permission, plastic bags, bins, and a location to rinse and sort
  • Community Garden - 2x8 sized lumber, soil, seeds and plants, watering cans, garden tools, garden signs 

Use of Technology 

Students will use technology in several ways; for research and website creation. 

Art Component

 Students will create a scale drawing of garden design including mathematical calculations and measurements and biological diversity represented in appealing visual manner. Additionally students will create posters to promote recycling and garden. The student website will also feature their art and designs.  

Social Justice and Equity 

In order to help feed local low SES family have equal access to organic fruit and vegetables students will create and maintain a community garden. This garden will make eating nutritious fresh produce accessible to all not just those who can afford it. Students who contribute to the manual labor will will have first choice in produce selection.   

Content will inspire students to create a more equitable environment for future generations by changing bad habitats and improving environmental practices. 

Service Learning Component

Students will participate in two opportunities for service learning; a school wide recycling project and a community garden.  


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